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This community is for fans of the beautiful Craig Parker, and for posting pictures/wallpapers/icons of him. No discussion of his personal life is allowed, so please respect his privacy. Please, do not link to another site's pictures - this is known as "hotlinking" and causes much havoc. Because so many of the available photos of Craig are taken by fans, we ask that you get permission to use others' photos from those who require it, and credit for the photographer should be posted with the photo. If credit is unknown, please say that with a request for the information if anyone knows.

Credit for some photos in this community go to Stephanie Pollok at http://www.pollok-photographs.com and permission should be granted from her before reposting anywhere else. Credit for some photos in this community go to http://www.craigparker.de and permission should be granted for most photos there before reposting; thanks to the lovely Claudia for permission to post photos here from her site.

Made by isilwen:

Craig Parker is love sex love.
From head to toe.


1. Posts must contain a picture of Craig Parker (and please don't say, "to make it legal..."). See above for guidelines on requesting permission to post a photo from another site and on crediting photographers.

2. If your picture is large or you have multiple pictures to post, please use the lj-cut tag. < *lj-cut text="whatever you want to say here"* > Remove the * and spaces

3. No hotlinking.

4. No slash manip pictures or adult-themed pics please, in deference to all members' sensibilities. We would like people of all ages to be able to enjoy these pictures.

If you have any questions about whether something can be posted, please feel free to email me at the above address.

This community is run by anorienparker, with help from soultoad and lea_ysaye!

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lea_ysaye's website for all things Craig.

myth_adventure's website for Craig screencaps.

Be sure to visit: for more lovely Craig (and other) icons!

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