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Parker Gathering Panel Photos

Here are my photos of Craig from the first panel he did with Marcel Bulles titled "How to become a real Tolkien fan in thirty minutes and even get a diploma!" As expected with Mr. Parker, it was wonderfully funny, including Craig doing drawing which depicted what he expected his attendance of a Tolkien class would be like (photos of the drawings are included here) and using a little girl as a buzzer for the 'game show' portion of the show.

This is excessively image heavy, so think carefully about how much time you have for stuff to load before clicking.

Many more photos of Craig to come.

Also, if you were (or were not) at the Gathering and want to see the rest of photos of costumes and so on, feel free to friend my journal. :) I have also been posting them to the yahoo groups Gathering Friend Finder, Gatherers of the Fellowship, and Craig Parker Connection.

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